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Ajijic is a charming Mexican Village tucked into the mountains of the Lake Chapala area. Thousands of North Americans call these cobblestone streets home, and enjoy the amazing climate that is one of the finest in the world. Living at Lakeside allows visitors to enjoy outdoor sports all year round and take advantage of the cultural activities that so many residents indulge in during the year. There is always something to do, but many folks also enjoy the relaxing life style.

Visually, this is a charming village where flowers, horses, birds, lake and mountain air blend to create a peaceful oasis. The climate is one of the finest in the world!

View the slideshow of Ajijic and Lake Chapala (in FEBRUARY ! )

When you rent The Mexican Jewel House or The Mexican Sunrise House you will receive a package of information that includes the ins and outs of visiting Ajijic and making the most of your visit:

• The latest great restaurants
• Reputable galleries
• Massages and pampering
• Current theater and concerts
• Tianguis (market) favorites to buy
• Day tours/overnight tours
• Places to shop and good values
• Recommendations for do it yourself day trips
• Our favorite places to buy: tamales, fresh bread fish, etc.
• How to avoid getting sick during your visit
• Instruction on using your cell phone while here
• Tennis courts
• Golf courses
• Hiking trails
• Where to rent a car
………….Plus we are a resource for all your needs during your stay

Current Weather in Ajijic


Weather in Lake Chapala & Ajijic

Lake Chapala Mexico is considered to have the second best climate in the World, based on reports from National Geographic.

What will the weather be like during your stay?

Practical Tips When Visiting Ajijic

1. Buy the Moon book on Guadalajara for excellent information on this area
2. Pack casual clothing – with layers in mind for changes in temperatures
3. No need to bring all your good jewelry as this is a very casual village
4. Only bring good walking shoes for our cobblestones (no high heals)
5. Include: flashlight, portable alarm clock, small umbrella, sun hat, any medication you need to take
6. Bring your laptop – We have both wired & wireless internet accesss
7. Ajijic is a ‘peso’ society so make sure you have money to access your ATM card (FYI – ATM machines dispense pesos through your dollar account)
8. Credit cards are seldom taken in Ajijic

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Browse this interactive map of Ajijic Mexico. CasaGutman is labeled on the map.