Your Ajijic Vacation Rental Hosts:

Leo and Gaby & their pooch “Cali”

Ajijic Mexico Hosts - Leo & Gaby2

Leo has lived in Ajijic Mexico for many years and has come to think of Mexico as his home. He spent over thirty five years in the technology sector of corporate America. He now enjoys having time to enjoy life, sports and even picking up a book in the middle of the day. Leo is fluent in Spanish having spent few of his childhood years in South America.

Leo raised his children in California, Japan and London and has become an ‘aficionado’ of crossing cultures. Living in different countries and cultures can be addictive.

Gaby is from Guadalajara. She started as a graphic designer, but eventually found her real passion and is working (part time) as a psychotherapist. This gives her time to enjoy this corner of paradise along the lake Chapala Riviera.

In Gaby & Leo’s spare time (what is that?) he plays tennis, and she goes to the thermal baths, yoga and massage. They enjoy local theater, music concerts, take classes, travel and enjoy the good life. We love having friends and family visit this beautiful village as well as showing them a style of life they have not experienced.

His children live in California, and Gaby’s live in Mexico City. They can’t resist visiting their parents several times a year for ‘their spoiling’ sessions. Living close to the airport is a real advantage to having your family visit.

By the way, take a look at our pooch – “Cali”, He is a rescue dog from the local animal shelter, and is our loyal companion. We hope you will enjoy his friendliness, if he should come over and stop for a brief visit.